Monday, 20 February 2017

The garden also had a visitor a week or so ago.  Nicely disguised in the shadows:

DON’T scroll down if you don’t like snakes!

Because you can see it quite clearly in this close up – cropped from the above photo:

It is a dugite – yes, venomous – yes, we kept well away and kept all kids and dog inside (I could see it from the kitchen window) – and yes, we weren’t too worried about it as it was trying to dig its way into the chook yard, but we have snake proof wire at the bottom (extra small holes) so there wasn’t too much concern.

I would have preferred that Michael was home to safely catch and release it though!  (He is a licenced reptile relocator – don’t try this at home – call someone who is trained!!)

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The garden is (finally!) producing :-) - and we have tomatoes galore! Mostly yellow cherry toms, but enough red ones to make them into pasta sauce too.

A few hours in the oven with fresh herbs and garlic:

Roasted goodness to bottle up – YUM!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Thursday, 26 January 2017

So how did we do on the $21 Challenge last week?

Total spend on food for one week (for a family of 6) was $39.13.

And we certainly would have made it, if I hadn’t already committed to blowing the budget with the birthday dinner.  The birthday boy chose lasagne, and a strawberry cheesecake for his candles, of which I needed to buy mince, strawberries, cream cheese, grated cheese and I ‘splurged’ on a French stick for some garlic bread – so the total spend for that spread was $23.80.  Realistically, that could have been our whole week’s purchase as we had plenty of food in the house.  The other food purchases were some fruit from the market ($5) and $10.33 for fresh milk and some yoghurt (we knew ourselves well enough to know we would buy these too).

Definitely a good exercise to understand that when you have a pantry and freezer pretty much full, and a garden with some produce, there is indeed a good supply of food that can be used up instead of buying more.